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If You don't find answers for Your questions, feel free to ask our team.
1. How large can SlideCanopy be ?
We recommend that each SlideCanopy is not larger than 200ft² (or 20m²).

1) in Metric system - FEETS the maximum length of one of the sides is 16ft.

This means it can be e.g. 16ft long and 12ft wide or 14ft long and 14ft wide.
2) in Metric system - METERS the maximum length of one of the side is 5m.
This means it can be e.g. 5m long and 4m wide or 3m long and 5m wide.

If you would like to cover a larger area, You should order 2,3,4... independent SlideCanopy, or contact our team to discuss your project specifications.

2. Is it possible to produce SlideCanopy in irregular shape ?
Unfortunately SlideCanopy is produce only in rectangular and square shape.

3. What set contains ?
SlideCanopy come fully assembled including all necessary stainless and aluminum components. It is ready for simple installation, just set the mounting eyelets where diagramed, thread the cable, connect and tighten the stainless steel turnbuckle.
You will only need electric screwdriver, ladder, pencil, measuring tape.
All activities are best performed in 2 people.

4. How much force is needed to operate ?
It is as easy as opening and closing a curtain. With larger SlideCanopy You need a little bit more force to operate.
For better sliding experience You can order special snap hook with roll instead of basic metal snap hook.

5. What do I do in the winter ?

During winter sezon You should simply unclip SlideCanopy from the cables and store it in dry and airy room waiting for sunnier days. SlideCanopy it is not adapted to snow load.

6. Will it collect rain water / is it rainproof ?

SlideCanopy is made from one of our type of fabric, each of them have different protection against rain- water resistance (refer to the technical card). At the production step SlideCanopy is made with special "distance tape" thanks to it, the roof is hanging with a slight slope (approx. 2-3in or 6-8cm) on one of the sides- You can choose and tell us if the rainwater drainage should be on the LEFT or RIGHT side.

7. How does it handle the wind ?

SlideCanopy after retract it is adapted for use at wind speeds not exceeding approx. 15mph or 25 km/h - it's mean light wind.

However, for the best performance and for your safety we recommend retracting the canopy during strong winds and storms.

8. How long does it take to deliver ?

We need 14 business days for production and depending on locations it take approx. 14-30 business days for post.

9. What about Warranty ?

SlideCanopy has 2 years warranty.

10. How do I maintain it ?

Stains and dirt should be removed with a soft sponge and a solution of water and soap (30º C), possibly mild cleaners.

For a better sliding of the metal snap hooks on the wire it may be necessary once in a while to lubricate the steel cables with 'dry grease', e.g. a bicycle spray with teflon, silicone, ceramic.

Do not use 'karcher style' or other pressure washers for cleaning - this may lead to tearing, violation of the fabric impregnation structure.

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